11 Jan 2012

Free Download Adobe Flash Player Terbaru 2012

Free Download Adobe Flash Player Terbaru 2012

Free Download Adobe Flash Player Terbaru 2012

Here are some key features of “Adobe Flash Player” :

Support for mobile devices:
· Extend the reach of your content to users wherever they are. Flash Player delivers expressive content to personal computers, smartphones, tablets, smartbooks, and netbooks.

Mobile-ready features for unprecedented creative control:
· Take advantage of native device capabilities, including support for multitouch, gestures, mobile input models, and accelerometer input.

Hardware acceleration:
· Deliver smooth high-definition (HD) quality video with minimal overhead across mobile devices and personal computers using H.264 video decoding and Stage Video.

Expanded options for high-quality media delivery:
· Discover new ways to deliver rich media experiences with the Adobe Flash Media Server Family of products using HTTP Dynamic

Streaming; content protection; and improved support for live events, buffer control, and peer-assisted networking.
Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz, Athlon 64 2800+ or faster processor (or equivalent)
Memory: 128 MB of RAM
Graphics memory: 128 MB of graphics memory
Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above
Google Chrome
Safari 4.0 and above
Opera 9.5 and above
AOL 9.0 and above

What’s New in This Release:
Multithreaded Video Decoding – The video decoding pipeline is now fully multi-threaded. This feature should improve the overall performance on all platforms. Note that this feature is a significant architecture change required for other future improvements.
Flash Player background updates – New versions of the runtimes can now be delivered more effectively to the end user with this enhanced updating mechanism (Background update is only available in the release versions of Flash Player).

Note about Multithreaded Video Decoding:
Multi-threaded pipeline was written grounds up to support lower end devices and full hardware stacks where all the decoding and rendering is offloaded to hardware. The benefits of the modernization of the pipeline would be visible from mobile devices, tvs, netbooks to high end desktops.
In Flash Player 11.2, the new video pipeline is available for desktop platforms (including netbooks ) and brings enhancements with respect to -
Eliminating jitter seen oc…

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