30 Nov 2011

PC OMR 9.0 + Keygen | Aplikasi Pembaca LJK

Selamat berjumpa kembali sobat blogger semua. Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya akan berbagi sebuah software yang fungsinya untuk membaca jawaban kertas LJK (Lembar Jawaban Komputer). Dan software yang saya maksud adalah PC OMR v9.0. Karena fungsinya tersebut, software ini banyak dipakai sebagai alat korektor suatu test/ujian, seperti halnya Ujian Nasional (UN) bagi siswa SMA, maupun kegiatan survei [khususnya untuk jenis test/survei dengan item-item yang berbentuk pilihan ganda (multiple choice)]. Dengan software ini, sobat yang berprofesi sebagai pendidik/akademisi khususnya, akan mendapatkan manfaat yang besar karena akan sangat menghemat waktu dalam mengoreksi jawaban hasil test siswa, disamping hasil koreksi-an pastinya akan jauh lebih valid dan benar. 

Screenshot-01: The software is registered successfully!

Screenshot-02: Full Version and interface of PC OMR 9.0
PC OMR (1.56 MB) is a leading Windows based forms-processing shareware software for tests and surveys. It is an intelligent testing tool to collect data from optical marks on plain paper forms. PC OMR works with imaging equipment such as scanners, or any most digital camera capable of providing images of at least 640X480. Higher resolution may be required for tests or surveys requiring a 100 or more responses. PC OMR provides many test forms from which to choose and print on plain paper. PC OMR can automatically grade tests and provide a detailed analysis that can be exported to Excel or Word format. PC OMR supports tests with subjective questions. PC OMR reads 1 test form in 1 second by PC camera (web camera) or 2-15 seconds by image scanner according to scanner performance with complete accuracy when the forms are correctly filled in by users.

New feature of PC OMR 9.0:
  1. Add more standards for evaluation. In advanced mode user can define different point value for each question.
  2. Define standards for evaluation and point value for each question in batches.
  3. New reading way for ADF scanner: Monitor folder.
I believe that some of you will be interested in this software. Well, just go to the following two Download Links to get its Full Version.
1. INSTALLER / SETUP file (1.56 MB):

2. KEYGEN & README[Installation Guide (433 KB)].txt:
A. Link-01 (Via ZIDDU):
B. Link-02 (Via MEDIAFIRE):
Don’t forget to read its INSTALLATION GUIDE in the README.TXT file before doing installation.

NOTE: Probably, though your software is already fully registered, you will be always asked to registered the software when you open the program. Don't think about it. Just click NO!