3 Nov 2011

AVS Video Converter + Full Crack

Met jumpa lagi kawan-kawan blogger semua. Pada postingan kali ini, saya akan kembali menghadirkan AVS Video Converter, yang merupakan salah satu video converter terhandal yang ada saat ini. Pada postingan terdahulu saya telah berbagi AVS Video Converter v8.0.1.492, namun kali ini saya hadirkan versi terbarunya, AVS Video Converter Well, untuk merefresh kembali ingatan sobat tentang software yang satu ini, berikut kutipan dari deskripsinya.

AVS Video Converter (62.92 MB) adalah salah satu produk terkenal dari AVS4YOU. AVS Video Converter merupakan aplikasi ALL-IN-ONE yang dapat mengkonversi berbagai macam format video, bahkan hampir semua format video dengan hasil konversi yang sangat bagus. Interface dari software ini juga sangat menarik dengan fitur-fitur yang user friendly. Dengan kata lain, sobat tidak perlu menjadi seorang professional untuk bisa menggunakan tools dari software ini.

The Screenshot-1: Full Version of AVS Video Converter
AVS Video Converter (62.92 MB) is an easy to use tool for conversion of AVI, MPEG2 and Windows Media Video files.

Its new skinable interface allows you not only to get advantage of all the excellent features AVS Video Converter offers, but also to customize the exterior of the program, bringing even more pleasure to your video processing work.

You can use it to change frame size, compression codec of video stream, frequency, and the number of channels of audio stream. With AVS Video Converter you can easily retrieve video files' information, convert them to another format and extract single frames to image files. Now you can apply a variety of effects during conversion.

Friendly and understandable interface allows you to perform all the operations without any difficulties. You do not need to be a professional to use this tool.

Once you get started you will be surprised how smoothly you go converting your video files from one format to another, applying different effects and filters, cropping your files and adding banners to them. And you can even preview the result to make sure that you have done really what you wanted.

Key Features:
  • Convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, DVD movies to AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM
  • Import single frames and save them as images
  • Split a video file into several ones
  • Merge a number of files in one movie
  • Save parts of a file as new ones
  • Burn video discs (VCDs, SVCDs)
  • Add subtitles, running lines, banners and logos to your video
  • Rotate video
  • Apply different effects and filters during conversionChange frame size, compression codec of video stream, frequency, and the number of channels of audio stream and much more!
Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System (OS): Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7* (no Mac OS/Linux support)
Processor: Intel / AMD compatible at 1500 MHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or higher
Sound: Windows compatible sound card
Windows Media Player 11 or higher for WMV video playback
Apple iTunes installed to upload to iPod touch, iPhone & iPhone 3G
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later

Screenshot-2: Interface and the Tools Features of AVS Video Converter
According to its official site, the price of this software is USD 59. 00

Are you intersted in this software? Well, go to the following two Download Links to get its FULL VERSION.
1. INSTALLER (62.92 MB):

2. CRACK & README(Installation Guide)[3.6 MB]:

Don’t forget to firstly read its INSTALLATION GUIDE in the README.TXT file before doing installation.