5 Jun 2012

Talk It Software

Talk It Software
Talk It Software is an excellent software which speaks any words or sentence  that you write on its text writing box.  An excellent helpful software for all. It will help to learn English in correct accent. I am sure you will all love to have this excellent software. If you want to practice your English pronunciation using your computer, Talk It is the best choice for you, it has capability to generate voices, prepare yourself to have a good accent.

Talk It Software is capable of pronouncing any word or sentence that you write. To do so, it includes software that generates the sounds the correspond to each letter and its intonation. Talk It allows you to listen any written sentence or word, allowing him to configure many of the voices aspects: man or woman, boy or girl, it can even be configured as a to sound like a robot or alien, assuring many hours of entertainment.

The application reads both English and Spanish texts, but it doesn’t translate them. Talk It will help you in studying Spanish as a foreign language to learn how things as pronounced.